Natalie Portman Possibly in Oscar Race

One of the movies at Toronto International Film Festival was the Jackie Kennedy biopic Jackie, which is anything but your standard biopic. Fox Searchlight has secured domestic distribution rights to the film and has already staked out a very Oscar friendly December 9th release date.

It was subsequently produced independently, with Aronofsky remaining involved as a producer, but the film marks the English-language debut of Neruda director Pablo Larrain. The story recounts the hours following John F. Kennedy’s assassination, focusing on its impact on the First Lady (played by Natalie Portman).

Portman is the central focus of this film and she delivers an incredible performance that, now that the film has Fox Searchlight and a December release date, likely ensures she’ll be a major part of the upcoming Best Actress race.

This Jackie news is coming in handy for the Los Cabos International Film Festival, which will provide the Mexican premiere of the film during it November 9th through 13th festival run.


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  1. arcbookblog says:

    Reblogged this on ARC Books and commented:
    Natalie Portman is one of my all time favourite actresses so it’s great news that she might be up for another Oscar

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  2. arcbookblog says:

    Fingers crossed the film lives up to the hype, I love pretty much everything Natalie Portman has done so I’d like it if she could get another Oscar.
    That’s a fabulous image by the way.

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