Deadpool 2 – Review

Deadpool 2 is a 2018 superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson and is a sequel to 2016’s Deadpool. Directed by David Leitch, it picks up where its predecessor left off and hinges on Wade taking it upon himself to form a team of individuals with special abilities. He does this in order to rescue a powerful mutant child from being killed by an expert techno-pathic marksman in Cable (Josh Brolin).

Before we even decompound this film, let’s just take a moment to acknowledge the great redemption Ryan Reynolds has experienced with this comedic assassin ever since that atrocious 2009 X-Men Origins; Wolverine movie which he featured in as the same character; even though it didn’t seem like it. I don’t need to explain myself on the latter because any true fan of Deadpool knows the character can’t shoot laser beams from his eyes or even teleport in ways that Nightcrawler would be jealous of; if you haven’t watched that movie, please don’t. That said, I loved the 2016 movie a lot; ground-breaking is an understatement. It attempted something that Hollywood movies hadn’t at that time and with the unforeseen success, I knew perfectly well that there would indeed be a second one knowing how Hollywood production companies work these days; it’s almost a no-brainer.
The acting performances, under the stewardship of Ryan Reynolds who is taking on this iconic role for the second time, are everything I wanted them to be and much more. Just like its forerunner, I was well aware of the fact that this movie wasn’t going to take itself seriously and that aspect for me allows the actors and actresses to be more expressive in the way they portray their characters; I don’t know about you but as far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing. The latter mostly applies to Wade Wilson, he just can’t help but make fun of anything he so chooses to irrespective of whether it’s appropriate or not. He even does it while in tense combat situations and I was getting the hang of it all through. Nonetheless, a time comes when he has to step up to the plate by forming the X-Force who include, among others, Domino (Zazie Beetz), Negasonic Teen (Brianna Hildebrand) and Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) in order to quell the proximate danger that Cable brings to the table. Staying on the terminal character, I am convinced Josh Brolin was the best choice to portray him even though the actor lacks the ideal physicality; the scenes where he breaks into a maximum security prison and kicks the souls out of guards manning the cells, as well as the dialogue exchange he has with certain characters, is just a testament to my point.

There’s a lot to like about this movie; no doubt about that. It is as goofy as I expected coming into it but at the same time, it does present some relatively high stakes. Additionally, it showcases a side to Deadpool that I seldom see considering his humorous personality and thus credit to Ryan Reynolds performance alongside the great scriptwriting for that. The visual effects were exceptional as well. From the explosions, the action scenes and the representations of the certain comic book characters i.e. Colossus; he goes toe to toe with another guy who I won’t mention for spoiler reasons but all I can say is buckle your seatbelts. Another plus for me was the never-ending references that I could watch on and on for hours on end; I like the way the film executes the pop-culture references as though it’s not part of that world in itself if you know what I mean. The ones that stuck with me were Cher, the ‘Passion of Christ” movie, the Batman vs. Superman ‘Martha’ thing, Bucky “The Winter Soldier” Barnes and even the “Human Centipede” movie but nevertheless, all the other ones were used appropriately and blended well with the scenes they are in. Finally, it would be an abomination not to mention that the film is generally super hilarious; the recruiting scene perhaps being one of if not the best moment in the movie for me. We get introduced to Domino, played amazingly by Zazie Beetz, and Bedlam (Terry Crews) in this scene; Terry’s character was the one that drew more excitement from me. He has never lost his comedic touch in all the years he has been active and that is why he is one of my favourite African American actors.

My only issue with the movie is the fact that it took an unprecedented turn with some characters in a way I did not like; if you have watched this movie already then you know what I am talking about. I have realized a worrying trend in movies whereby the content in trailers don’t always translate into the final cut and “Avengers; Infinity War” is a very good example of that. I know I represent many movie-lovers all around the world who don’t want this to keep going on and thus the individuals involved ought to style up.

Before I give this motion-picture its suitable judgment, I’d say I found a ton of delight watching Deadpool 2 because, in my psyche, I had set a certain bar for it that I hoped would be reached and it ended up surpassing it in the end. And besides, the score is phenomenal; ‘Ashes’ is now one of my best Celine Dion songs alongside “A New Day Has Come’ or “My Heart Will Go On”. Oh! I almost forgot… you ought to stick around for the end-credit scenes, they’ll blow your mind, at least in my case they did.


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  1. Bryan Fagan says:

    This is embarrassing. I need to see Dead Pool 1. What kind of a dead beat am I?


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