Netflix’s Mindhunter – TV Review

MINDHUNTER is Netflix’s newest original series and it tells the story of the early days at the FBI when they start interviewing serial killers to gain insight into why they did what they did to help the FBI solve and prevent further crimes. David Fincher directed the first two episodes along with the finale. What makes this series bingeworthy is also what makes it disturbing is society’s fascination with serial killers. Like, what makes them tick? The crimes are horrific and it almost comes close to portraying these criminals like celebrities in a way (for lack of a better word). For example, the start of each episode opens with a ADT guy in Wichita, Kansas, who might be the BTK killer.

The source material for the series is Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, a non-fiction novel written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. So far the series is well written and put together if I do say so myself. On October 13, Netflix released all ten episodes. I’m at episode four and probably won’t stop until I finish it all. There’s talk of a second season so that’s great news. I do recommend this series if you enjoy this sort of thing and have a strong stomach. If you enjoy series like HANNIBAL by Bryan Fuller or SILENCE OF THE LAMBS where serial killers are front and center as well as the psychology of their horrific crimes then by all means give this series a try. If you’ve watched it all, what did you think?

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