MacGyver Series Pilot Being Reshot

The trailer of the series that was released some weeks ago presented aspects of the series from the pilot episode directed by David Von Ancken (Hell on Wheels, The Following), an episode that was good enough CBS gave MacGyver a series order. As it turns out, however, that trailer is not representative of what MacGyver will end up being, as some significant changes are in store for the reboot. While the series is still at CBS, word has come that the premiere episode will not be the pilot from Von Ancken, but will instead be replaced by a new premiere to be directed by series executive producer James Wan.

While there’s a clear benefit for the network, as it now has a recognizable and marketable name in Wan, who recently scored a box-office hit with The Conjuring 2 and is slated to direct Warner Bros.’ upcoming Aquaman film with Jason Momoa in the lead, the situation isn’t that unusual. Pilots are reshot ahead of their premieres all the time, and in MacGyver‘s case, Wan was originally set to direct the pilot episode anyway, but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts and was replaced by Von Ancken.


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