Calvin and Hobbes: Calvin and his imagination.


If you haven’t heard of Calvin or Hobbes, turn off the computer, switch off the phone and walk over to the library and pickup at least (if you can limit yourself to one) one of Bill Watterson’s comic collections. Get home, sit on the couch, make sure you don’t have to get up, and start reading.

I guarantee you that you will be captivated by the amazing sequence of (generally) plain black-and-white comic strips. The forever six-year-old’s imagination will definitely surpass yours. You probably will not be able to comprehend the extent of this kid’s imagination. After all, he managed to imagine that a stuffed tiger would jump on him every time he came home from school. Also, he managed to imagine the tiger saying things even we don’t understand the meaning of.

After all, their version of monopoly is never fair. Calvin robs the bank, Hobbes starts asking for…

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  1. The Chaos Realm says:

    I love Calvin and Hobbes! 🙂

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    1. Bhanav says:

      That’s exactly why we worked on this- everyone loves Calvin and Hobbes.
      Of course, we can’t do much about those who don’t even know about it.

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      1. Dominik says:

        Absolutely true!


      2. Bhanav says:

        Can you please follow my blog back?
        If you like what I post, that is

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      3. Dominik says:

        Done! Great blog, by the way!


      4. The Chaos Realm says:

        They don’t know what they’re missing! I always said that if I could guarantee that I would have a kid like Calvin, I might have been more tempted to reproduce! LOL

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  2. In many ways, I identify with Calvin. When I was in fifth grade, my teacher moved both me and my desk out into the hall…

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  3. Rishi says:

    Thanks for re-posting my post Dominik. Could you follow me? Thanks.

    Keep up the good work!

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  4. Calvin and Hobbes is so amazing. Thank you so much for posting

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