James Cameron Regaining Rights To ‘Terminator’


The Terminator franchise is one of the most iconic action staples of all time, but it’s had a rough couple of decades. However, if you’ve been waiting for a time-travelling postapocalyptic killer robot return to form, now’s the time to start pricking up your ears. James Cameron regains the rights to the property in 2019 when his copyright reversion goes into effect and he’s already got his eye on a new iteration.

Per Deadline, Cameron is “godfathering” a new incarnation of the film with Deadpool director Tim Miller in early talks to helm what the report calls “a reboot and a conclusion of one of cinema’s great science fiction tales.” David Ellison, the Skydance boss who co-financed Terminator: Genisys, is working with top science fiction authors to “find the movie creatively”, which is a bit vague but sounds like it might be a writer’s room. There are no details yet on whether the new Terminator movie would be a reboot or a direct sequel.

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  1. Long live the Terminator. I’ll watch everyone of these films released until the end!

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  2. Widdershins says:

    Well, the franchise can only improve … I hope. 🙂

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  3. Jon says:

    Interesting…it’ll be up to James Cameron to keep the hype up for Terminator!

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  4. Graham says:

    Surely it is time for someone to have some new ideas? Terminator ran its course after Terminator 2 really. I genuinely think that cinema is a dying art form in many ways as the well of creativity seems to be drying up…but then while it keeps generating money for people, it will continue.

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    1. acflory says:

      I agree. 2 was brilliant. Couldn’t bear to watch what came after. It was just sad.

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      1. Graham says:

        So true.

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  5. lorac888890 says:

    Thank you for enjoying my blog about Yellowstone Park. But the original Terminator was good. Arnold did play in some good movies. Anyhow, I’m glad that Hidden Figures is getting more deserved attention. And it’s good that the real mathematician is still living. We need more movies like this. Take care.

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