Rogue One – Review In Bullet Points

As always, here is my “Review In Bullet Points” concerning the new epic space movie Rogue One – A Star Wars Story. The review is spoiler-free, so don’t be afraid to continue reading. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I even like parts of the prequels, so keep that in mind!

  • fantastic war action with great CGI effects
  • a two-hour long fan movie, that pays tribute to the original trilogy
  • funny references to the saga
  • first half has some “boring” moments, but the last 45 minutes ->  some of the best action ever
  • good cast, some very likeable characters, but also some replaceable, unnecessary characters

My overall score for Rogue One is 7.5/10.

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  1. arcbookblog says:

    Reblogged this on ARC Books and commented:
    I’m really keen on watching this, and Episode VII, must get around to it.


  2. Ino says:

    I honestly said that an hour is boring. I’m a lil bit disappointed because it is not that intense like I expected. Overall is 7/10.

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  3. J. D. Brink says:

    I’m not as huge a Star Wars fan as many of my friends, but I was looking forward to this movie way more than any of the other “new” movies. And by “new,” I mean anything after the original trilogy. In my opinion this was by far the best to come along since the original three! Not as much a family movie, though. More a grittty war movie. But I loved that it was basically set in the same time frame as the very first movie, and they did an excellent job of making us feel like we were there again. So I enjoyed it quite a bit!

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  4. Sweetie pie says:

    Great! Thanks! My fiance and I are planning to catch a show this weekend.

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  5. Mabs Ali says:

    Hi Dominik. Loved your short and sweet review. Would like to see if you agree with my review as well? 🙂

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    1. Dominik says:

      Great review! And thanks for your feedback!

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  6. CallMeMrJ says:

    That’s the exact score I gave in my review! Bravo

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  7. A shout out RIP to the Princess and a Shout Out to your great review. This theme is what I have heard so far from the few Real Star War Fans I personally know. I enjoyed 35 years ago but haven’t followed much over the last 30 years. Your review and the comments from my friends has made me decide this will be the first movie I will actually “go see” in a large movie house; something I haven’t done in over 10 years. ~~dru~~

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