Genes matter: The story of genetics and its role in conservation


Do you know why you look the way you look? People must have said you resemble someone in your family. You could have your dad’s jaw, your mom’s eyes and your grandma’s nose. However, you are never their replica. You have your own characteristics, your own features and quirks that make you uniquely you.

All of this is controlled by one thing: genes. Genes are the structural and functional unit of heredity. They control how you look, how you walk, how smart you are, how creative you are. Of course, certain environmental and opportunistic influences are present (you could have the potential to be a great tennis player in your genes, but what if you never got a chance to play tennis?). However, your life and the lives of every species is governed by their genes.

genes के लिए चित्र परिणाम

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