‘Sicario’ Sequel Story Details Teased


Director Denis Villeneuve’s thriller really felt like a satisfying, whole piece, and the film’s rich thematic subtext—from America’s foreign policy with regards to violence to what it’s like to be a woman in a man’s world—offered more than enough reason to return for repeating viewings. Regardless, the Sicario sequel Soldado materialized quite quickly, with screenwriter Taylor Sheridan (who also penned this year’s indie darling Hell or High Water) also returning to pen the screenplay.

But Soldado is missing a couple of big pieces of the Sicario puzzle: star Emily Bluntand Villeneuve. Indeed, the follow-up continues on without Blunt’s character, with Benicio Del Toro’s hitman and Josh Brolin’s CIA operative instead taking the lead, while Stefano Sollima—who helmed the TV series Gomorrah—takes over directing duties.

But with Blunt’s character absent, will Soldado feel like a true sequel or more of a spin-off?

“It’s more of a stand-alone spin-off. It’s not a sequel or a prequel. It really is yet another examination told from this male point of view, rather than from a female point of view. It’s pretty cool.”

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  1. killerwithkindness says:

    Cool 😃

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  2. Sounds like a standalone spin-off to me because Emily Blunt’s character isn’t there and I consider her a major character in the first movie.

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  3. Transhaan says:

    Without Blunt and her angle to the story, I can’t bring myself to believe this is a sequel. Her character was so essential in Sicario. Otherwise Del Toro’s performance wouldn’t have reached such a high level throughout the movie. 😀

    – Lashaan

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  4. hailangeliccreation says:

    I loved Emily Blunt’s character in Sicario! I can’t believe they’d have a sequel without at least something of her in it. Her acting was spot on and much of the reason we get to see such a range from Del Toro and his character. Without her, it seems like more of a side story than an actual sequel.
    Thank you for the follow as well! I’m excited to hear what you think of my work since it’s always nice to see a new face added to the list! Please feel free to leave feedback or prompts anytime!
    -Author S

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