Justice League’s Henry Cavill Teases Black Superman Suit

The Man of Steel was dispatched in Batman V Superman with an obvious tease of his return/resurrection, but any and all updates surrounding his role in Justice League have been kept quiet – not that comic book fans don’t know exactly what to expect.

Actor Henry Cavill may not reveal any details surrounding how or when Superman returns to the fight, but he is hinting at that same comic storyline – the one-of-a-kind Supersuit worn by the hero, anyway.

Not long after some fantastic fan art teased what Superman’s long-haired, black-suited style could look like on film, Cavill took to Instagram to share one cryptic photo depicting a close-up of the Kryptonian bodysuit… minus the color.

Now that’s what you call a tease. Even odds at whether this is simply an image of the old suit drained of its color, or a glimpse of the black ‘recovery suit’ worn by Supes in the comics, brought to life for Zack Snyder’s next film (the added Kryptonian script matches the upgrades for Dawn of Justice, so the former might be most likely). Either way, it’s one more reason for fans to get excited. Snyder may not be every comic fan’s cup of tea, but with the footage we’ve seen of Justice League dialing up the energy and fun, the director’s vision for Superman’s resurrection is an enticing proposition.

Perhaps his resurrection comes from the intervention of an unknown outsider – as good a mystery as any for Superman to spend his own Man of Steel solo sequel solving. We won’t know for some time, but with teases like this, fans of Cavill’s Superman can rest easy knowing he’s on his way back before too long. And given the villains striking in his absence, his emergence could have serious consequences on the DCEU.

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