‘Deadwood’ Movie Currently Being Written

HBO is not one to ignore their fanbase, and for a few years now, its been rumored that a Deadwood movie, which would air on HBO, is in the works and that more or less was confirmed last year, but very little has been heard since. Well, that changed when HBO’s new head of programming Casey Bloys took to the TCA stage to discuss all things HBO, from seasons three of True Detective to Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s return to, yes, the Deadwood movie.

“David is writing the script. We haven’t read it yet…I imagine it will be very good,” is how Bloys responded to questions about the return of the beloved Western series. And though he wouldn’t outright commit to a green light for the movie, he said that he “feels good” about the project and is impatient to read what Milch has been writing. So am I, but I can’t say I blame Bloys for being hesitant to commit to a returning series, even with the same voice behind the project. Mind you, The X-Files recently returned for an abbreviated six-episode series with Chris Carter and several other key members of the original creative team behind it, and it was, in whole, a catastrophe.

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  1. Oh I’d love for there to be a Deadfiles movie. I also wonder if Carnival deserves a better ending?

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