Civil War Concept Art Recreates and Hawkeye & Ant-Man Pose

Captain America: Civil War blew the door off the box office earlier this year, with an entry of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that pitted hero against hero in an incredible showdown.

Any superhero film worth its salt is going to have some great comic panel moments that really capture the intense action the medium is known for. Civil War was full of these, but one scene in particular blew folks away when the film’s second trailer dropped, and that was Ant-Man riding Hawkeye’s arrow into battle.

Marvel movie concept artist Andy Park has been responsible for a wealth of exciting images from the MCU canon. His latest Twitter reveal shows off the visual precursor to the big Ant-Man/Hawkeye moment in the film.

Park’s imagery never fails to impress, but it’s incredible to think of how much time and effort goes into planning out every moment of these tentpole films. While this concept imagery doesn’t seem to act so much as a direct storyboard, it’s likely vital to selling the big (read: expensive) moments that the filmmakers think will drive audiences into the theater.

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