Chris Evans Steps Down As Host Of Top Gear

Announcing his decision via Twitter, Evans said he had given the show his best shot but that ultimately it wasn’t enough. The presenter added that it was time for him to concentrate on other existing projects, such as his radio and charity work.

For Evans, the decision to leave will have been a tough call. A self-confessed petrol head, Evans was always a fan of the show and appeared in previous seasons in the ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Car’ segment of the show. Following reports that suggested he and Evans did not get along, it was rumored that LeBlanc gave the BBC an ultimatum, saying he would quit if Evans wasn’t told to leave. While Evans has oftentimes irritated viewers, and has failed to win over the sizable American audience, LeBlanc has ingratiated himself with the Brits by showcasing a dry wit and humor and of course, his nationality has helped him with the BBC America audience, too. Out of the two, LeBlanc has consistently proven himself to be the stronger, more competent and more knowledgeable host, despite not having anywhere near the amount of experience Evans has as a presenter.

It remains to be seen whether LeBlanc, or any future presenting team, can manage to turn Top Gear around for the BBC and return it to being one of the jewels in its crown. With Clarkson, Hammond and May launching their own motoring show on Amazon Prime, it could well be that the Top Gear audience of old decide to follow them.


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  1. No Top gear without Clarkson, May and Hammond.

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