Wreck-It Ralph Sequel Arrives In 2018

We’ve known for a while that a Wreck-It Ralph sequel was in the works at Disney, especially because Ralph himself has talked about it several times in the past (that would be John C. Reilly, in case you forgot). But now, announced via a Facebook Live video you can find here – which references Reilly’s loose lips – it’s officially official and headed our way in 2018.

Rich Moore, who directed the original and returns for the sequel along with Phil Johnston (a writer on the first stepping up to co-direct this one), made the announcement and let Reilly talk up the basic concept: Ralph leaves the arcade, and wrecks the internet.

The first slice of 8-bit adventure grossed $471m worldwide, a more than respectable return on its $150m+ budget, wowed nostalgic gamers and dazzled kids, so this was hardly a shocker. And for the sequel, there’s talk of Moore and co. finally getting Nintendo to let them use Mario and some of the company’s other signature characters.

Disney’s Feature Animation team has been on a real roll these last few years, and the people behind Ralph know what they’re doing, so we’re hoping for something fun here.

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