‘Power Rangers’ Adds Bryan Cranston As Zordon

The Power Rangers movie reboot, which stars a new batch of teenagers with attitude and Elizabeth Banks as the villain Rita Repulsa, has just added the Breaking Bad star. As announced on the official Twitter account for the film, Cranston will play none other than the Rangers’ fearless floating head leader Zordon.

Cranston joins the already cast Ludi Lin (Black Ranger Zack), Naomi Scott (Pink Ranger Kimberly), RJ Cyler (Blue Ranger Billy), Becky G (Yellow Ranger Trini), andDacre Montgomery (Red Ranger Jason). As production designer Andrew Menzies explained, the new suits of the “alien costume” variety “that grows on them, that’s not man-made.” In short, less spandex, more Iron Man. Assuming the film, directed by Dean Israelite, is sticking with the original character lineup, then the only other major new addition left to be announced is Zordon’s trusty droid Alpha 5.



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  1. Awesome news! And a great illustration, again!

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