‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’: James Gunn Wraps Chris Pratt

The highly anticipated sequel to one of Marvel’s most original films (and Steven Spielberg’s favorite superhero movie) kicked off back in February, and now the cast and crew are about to come back down to earth. At least until they hit Comic-Con next month, as Gunn confirms in today’s wrap video, saying that he’ll be there alongside Pratt and “a bunch of the gang” to show us “something pretty cool”.

Gunn wraps shooting with Chris Pratt in the following video, indicating that production is winding down for the highly anticipated sequel of the very successful first ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

Are you excited for ‘GOTG2’? Comments!



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  1. petra3d says:

    I loved the first film, now I do hope that the second one will be able to live up to the first.
    To often we saw sequals where one could only say : WTF?

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