James Wan’s Theory Of Why Superhero Movies Are So Popular

Director James Wan, who will be helming his very own superhero flick with the DC Extended Universe’s Aquaman, recently opened up to Collider and answered that very question, saying:

I think a big part of it is because we’re finally at the point where we can actually tell these larger than life stories and have the technology to make them work. That’s one factor, that we can create these whizz-bang visuals to go with the story and ultimately superheroes say a lot about the society we grow up in. Pretty much all the good superheroes have some kind of social commentary about why they are who they are. It teaches values and so it’s a very important thing. On one hand it works on a surface level because it’s super incredible to watch from a visual feast standpoint but on another level it works on a very human level it works on a very human, emotional level and I think it makes it fun for us. Let me pose you a question. Do you think people are having superhero fatigue?

Additionally, James Wan notes that there is something essentially moral about superhero movies. These heroes fight for what is right, we all inherently want the good guys to win and for villains to get their comeuppance. 


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  1. I think he missed out the ever menacing supervillians, the bad guys who make the fight so much more exciting and appeal to our sinister sides. We do love to see them lose but we wish them to be back again in the next addition. What adds to the fun is that they are often more powerful than the superheroes that makes rooting for the underdog even more exciting. They really confront the superhero-fatigues and predictability.

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    1. DPNews says:

      You are right! What is a superhero without his supervillain?

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  2. Anything on the latest Tarzan? Super hero=hunk!!!!

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  3. Social commentary is a good thing, but it may go over the heads of the audience.

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